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Best Car Daytime Running Lights 2020 – Reviews and QP Ratings

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Enhance your visibility today by adding or replacing daytime running lamps and lights on your vehicle. Let us guide you to the best car daytime running lights for your vehicle.

NameQP Rating
YANF 80211-1 Waterproof Flexible Daytime Running Light Strip 10 See all reviews Check Price
AUTOMONACH LED Daytime Running Lights 9.9 See all reviews Check Price
XCSOURCE MA136 9LED Daytime Running Light Kit 9.4 See all reviews Check Price
LEADTOPS U-Shape LED Daytime Running Lights 8.9 See all reviews Check Price
Rayhoo Waterproof IP67 Flexible Daytime Running Lights 8.6 See all reviews Check Price
Fullkang LB025 30LED Daytime Running Lights 8.4 See all reviews Check Price
iJDMTOY 60-086 6000K Cool White 6-LED LED Daytime Running Lights 8.1 See all reviews Check Price
RioRand RR-2P-6W-6K-S Waterproof Aluminum LED Daytime Running Lights 7.6 See all reviews Check Price
Partsam 60-3528-SMD LED Daytime Running Lights 7.4 See all reviews Check Price
OPT7 Nova Plasma DRL Light Bars 6.9 See all reviews Check Price

YANF 80211-1 Waterproof Flexible Daytime Running Light Strip

Key Specifications

  • 【Flexible and Durable 】This led daytime running lights is made of silicone, soft, flexible and anti-collision. It can be bent, twisted, easy to make any shapes, the signal tube also can be cut and resealed, you can DIY the shape and cut it to any length you want to fit retrofit needs
  • 【Dual Color】YANF switchback led is dual-color. White LED lights for daytime running lights in normal mode, and sequential LED amber lights for turn signal lights when the car turns
  • 【Waterproof and Buckled Plug Design】 Handpicked SMD3014 LED drl led lights is super bright, no dead light and dark spots with short circuit protection, unbreakable and waterproof IP67. It makes drl lights can withstand harsh climatic conditions and works well in rainy or foggy days
  • 【Easy to install】This drl headlights are built with double-sided tapes, it can be pasted outside or inside headlight assembly easily with adhesive tape, no drilling, no screwing and no disassembling needed. You only need simply splice into your current DRL and turn signal wiring, connect Red wires to ACC (white light shows), Yellow wires to Positive side(Amber light shows ), Black wire to Ground
  • 【Fit for Any 12V Vehicle】widely used for Car, SUV, Vans, Truck, RV, Motorcycle, Scooter, Trailer etc. With 12 month warranty, if you have some problems with DRL daytime running lights, don't hesitate to email us directly

AUTOMONACH LED Daytime Running Lights

Key Specifications

  • Size: 6.5" Length, 1.5" Width, 1" High
  • The light pattern on these lights are 3 spot and 3 flood emission.
  • Nice addition or upgrade for your vehicles to use as day time running lights or fog lights.
  • Comes with a pair of bright lights, metal brackets and screws for mounting, and wiring for electrical connections.
  • Manufactured and designed to be weather resistant and waterproof, built to withstand rough terrains.

XCSOURCE MA136 9LED Daytime Running Light Kit

LEADTOPS U-Shape LED Daytime Running Lights

Key Specifications

  • √ PRODUCT INFORMATION - 2pcs waterproof aluminum high power car daytime running COB LED light.
  • √ SPECIFICATION - Aluminum + COB, Imported high-power LED light source.
  • √ HIGH QUALITY - Waterproof and dustproof, low power consumption, super durable can better protect the car circuit. Life span up to 50,000 hours.
  • √ EASY INSTALLATION - Easily stick on with self-adhesive tape and it can be installed on any vehicle surface by drilling holes.
  • √ APPLICATION - DRL daylight driving lamp universal for 12V vehicles (White) with low power consumption and vibration resistant.

Rayhoo Waterproof IP67 Flexible Daytime Running Lights

Key Specifications

  • Enhance lighting in rainy and foggy days & brings more safety. Nice addition or upgrade for your vehicles to use as day time running lights or fog lights.
  • [TECHNICAL FEATURES]: Package includes: Rubber Flexible(120°) High Power 6W daytime running light; Size(Approx.): 9.84" Length, 1.18" Width; Color: 6000K Xenon, Working Voltage: DC 12V; Wattage: 6w x2 ; Material: ABS Rubber
  • [EASY INSTALLATION]: Red wire is connected to positive pole and another wire connected to the negative pole and just stick-on plug & play. Flexible features can be applied to uneven areas
  • APPLICATION]: Apply to ATV, UTV, Project Vehicles, 4x4, SUV, Pick-up, UTE, Van, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Truck, Tractor, Boat, Yacht, Motocycle or heavy equipments, etc. Low power consumption and vibration resistant.
  • [Friendly Customer Service]: If the lights are damaged during shipping or after installation, Please feel free to contact us, If you have any issues with the product, we will be pleased to assist you. we will be in touch within 24 hours; replacement or refund will be provided for your preference.

Fullkang LB025 30LED Daytime Running Lights

Key Specifications

  • Each light housing equips with 20 daytime running lights and 10 yellow turn Lights
  • Good sealing performance; Anti-dust; anti-collision; splash wet; may hang: safe and reliable
  • Easy to install; Connect the positive and negative wires to any of your vehicle power outlet, it comes with adjustable bracket
  • It is perfect for add-on decoration and usage as Daytime Running / Driving Light lamp (DRL), Fog Light, Under Bumper / Grille / Kit Light
  • Daytime running light improves safety while driving allows your vehicie to be seen at much further distances. Greatly improves reaction time of oncoming motorists in an incldent

Features: 100% Brand new High quality. Emit 6000K xenon HID super White color, long lasting life. Low power consumption; Quick Instant Start-Up time. Easy to use. Easy and simple to install. Bright with super beam daytime running light to driving safety. Longer life LED lifetime up to 100,000 hours, minimal maintenance cost. Universal Fit on any Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Trailers, RVs. Specification: Rated Voltage: 12V Power: 12W Number of LED: 20(Daytime running lights) + 10(yellow turn signal) Dimensions: 18.5 x 2.5 x 4 cm Light color: Bright white & Yellow Package Content: 2 x 30 LED Car Daytime Running Light (with Original packaging) 2 x Fixed iron plates 4 x Screw 2 x Power Cable

iJDMTOY 60-086 6000K Cool White 6-LED LED Daytime Running Lights

Key Specifications

  • Powered by 6 pieces xenon white LED lights
  • Size: 6.00 x 1.30 x 0.70
  • Shockproof, waterproof and corrosion resistant
  • Improve your safety and style on the road, increasing your visibility day and night
  • This is an iJDMTOY Trademark Brand product, exclusively available at iJDMTOY

RioRand RR-2P-6W-6K-S Waterproof Aluminum LED Daytime Running Lights

Key Specifications

  • RioRand 2 pcs Set Waterproof Aluminum High Power 6W 6000K Xenon White Slim COB LED DRL Daylight Driving Daytime Running Light Lamp For Car SUV Sedan Coupe Vehicle
  • Package includes: 2 pieces of COB LED daytime running light? Emit Super bright xenon white light, high intensity
  • Enhance lighting in rainy and foggy days & brings more safety
  • Low power consumption and vibration resistant
  • Easy installation, easily stick on with self-adhesive tape

Partsam 60-3528-SMD LED Daytime Running Lights

Key Specifications

  • Application on: 3157 3156 4114 3357A 3457A 60-3528-SMD White Hight Power LED cab be used as DRL Daytime Running Light Bulbs.
  • Notes: 3157 have two types of bulbs, ours is the standard 3157, not CK 3157.
  • Part # Cross Reference: 3047 3057 3157 3357 3457 4057 4114 4157; Color temperature: 6000K; Housing Material: Aluminum Alloy; LED source: 60-3528-SMD
  • Long-lasting Life - 50000 working hours, Easy installation- Plug N Play; Faster on/off response time and vibration resistant; If the LED does not light up, simply flip it 180 degrees.
  • Please check your stock vehicle part number before purchase.Load Resistor will be needed for some car if there is flash after installing this bulb

OPT7 Nova Plasma DRL Light Bars

Key Specifications

  • OPT7 Nova Plasma™ Bars are a brilliant solution to enhanced lighting in any location
  • Intense Flood Lighting, in a Small Size
  • Peel & Stick Mounting
  • Waterproof Silicone Seal
  • Use as driving lights, reverse lights, trunk lights, engine bay light, anywhere

A daytime running lamp (DRL, also daytime running light) is an automotive lighting and bicycle lighting device on the front of a roadgoing motor vehicle or bicycle, automatically switched on when the vehicle is in drive, emitting white, yellow, or amber light to increase the conspicuity of the vehicle during daylight conditions.
Depending on prevailing regulations and vehicle equipment, the daytime running light function may be implemented by functionally specific lamps, by operating the low beam headlamps or fog lamps at full or reduced intensity, by operating the high-beam headlamps at reduced intensity, or by steady-burning operation of the front turn signals. Compared to any mode of headlamp operation to create the daytime running light, functionally dedicated DRLs maximize the potential benefits in safety performance and minimize fuel consumption, glare, motorcycle masking, and other potential drawbacks.

Numerous studies done worldwide since the 1970s have tended to conclude that daytime running lights improve safety. A 2008 study by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration analysed the effect of DRLs on frontal and side-on crashes between two vehicles and on vehicle collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. The analysis determined that DRLs offer no statistically significant reduction in the frequency or severity of the collisions studied, except for a reduction in light trucks’ and vans’ involvement in two-vehicle crashes by a statistically significant 5.7%.

The daytime running light was first mandated, and safety benefits first perceived, in Scandinavian countries where it is persistently dark during the winter season. As ambient light levels increase, the potential safety benefit decreases while the DRL intensity required for a safety improvement increases. The safety benefit produced by DRLs in relatively dark Nordic countries is roughly triple the benefit observed in relatively bright America.

In many countries, every motorcycle’s low beam headlamp has been wired to illuminate whenever the engine is running, either as a matter of law or of voluntary industry practice. Some motorcycling advocacy groups are concerned over the potential for reduced motorcycle conspicuity with the introduction of headlamp-based DRLs on cars and other dual-track vehicles, since it means motorcycles are no longer the only vehicles displaying headlamps during the day. Some researchers have suggested that amber DRLs be reserved for use exclusively on motorcycles, in countries where amber is not presently a permissible color for DRLs on any vehicles, while other research has concluded there is a safety disbenefit to two 90 mm x 520 cd DRLs on motorcycles in comparison to one 190 mm x 270 cd dipped (low) beam headlight. The latter result suggests that DRL luminous area may have an important influence on its effectiveness.
DRL power consumption varies widely depending on the implementation. Current production DRL systems consume from 5 watts (dedicated LED system) to over 200 W (headlamps and all parking, tail, and marker lights on). International regulators, primarily in Europe, are working to balance the potential safety benefit offered by DRL with the increased fuel consumption due to their use.

Because the power to run the DRLs must be produced by the engine, which in turn requires burning additional fuel, high-power DRL systems increase CO2 emissions sufficiently to affect a country’s compliance with the Kyoto protocol on greenhouse gas emissions. LEDs and low-power, high-efficacy, long-life light bulbs produce appropriate amounts of light for an effective DRL without significantly increasing fuel consumption or emissions. Fuel consumption reductions of up to 0.5 mpg may be found when comparing a 55 W DRL system to a 200 W DRL system.
Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 requires DRLs on all new vehicles made or imported after January 1, 1990. Canada’s proposed DRL regulation was essentially similar to regulations in place in Scandinavia, with an axial luminous intensity limit of 1,500 cd, but automakers claimed it was too expensive to add a new front lighting device, and would increase warranty costs (by dint of increased bulb replacements) to run the low beams. After a pitched regulatory battle, the standard was rewritten to permit the use of reduced-voltage high beam headlamps producing up to 7,000 axial candela, as well as permitting any light color from white to amber or selective yellow. These changes to the regulation permitted automakers to implement a less costly DRL, such as by connecting the high beam filaments in series to supply each filament with half its rated voltage, or by burning the front turn signals full-time except when they are actually flashing as turn indicators.

Shortly after Canada mandated DRLs, General Motors, interested in reducing the build variations of cars for the North American market, petitioned the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 1990 to permit (but not require) US vehicles to be equipped with DRLs like those in Canada. NHTSA objected on grounds of the potential for high-intensity DRLs to create problems with glare and turn signal masking, and issued a proposed rule in 1991 that specified a maximum intensity of 2,600 cd. Industry and safety watchdogs reacted to the proposed rule, and eventually the glare objections were set aside and most of the same types of DRLs allowed in Canada were permitted but not required effective with the 1995 model year. General Motors immediately equipped most (and, in following years, all) of its vehicles with DRLs beginning with the Chevrolet Corsica. Saab, Volkswagen, Volvo, Suzuki and Subaru gradually introduced DRLs in the U.S. market beginning in 1995. In recent years, Lexus has installed high-beam or turn signal based DRLs on US models. Some Toyota models come with DRLs as standard or optional equipment, and with a driver-controllable on/off switch. Starting in the 2006 model year, Honda began equipping their U.S. models with DRLs, mostly by reduced-intensity operation of the high beam headlamps.

Public reaction to DRLs, generally neutral to positive in Canada, is decidedly mixed in the U.S. Thousands of complaints regarding glare from DRLs were lodged with the DOT shortly after DRLs were permitted on cars, and there was also concern that headlamp-based DRLs reduce the conspicuity of motorcycles, and that DRLs based on front turn signals introduce ambiguity into the turn signal system. In 1997, in response to these complaints and after measuring actual DRL intensity well above the 7,000 cd limit on vehicles in use, DOT proposed changes to the DRL specification that would have capped axial intensity at 1,500 cd, a level equivalent to the European 1,200 cd and identical to the initially proposed Canadian limit. During the open comment period, a volume of public comments were received by NHTSA in support of lowering the intensity or advocating the complete elimination of DRLs from U.S. roads. Automaker sentiment generally ran along consistent lines, with European automakers experienced at complying with European DRL requirements voicing no objection to the proposal, and North American automakers vociferously repeating the same objections they raised in response to Canada’s initial 1,500-cd proposal. The NHTSA proposal for DRL intensity reduction was rescinded in 2004, pending agency review and decision on a petition filed in 2001 by General Motors, seeking to have NHTSA mandate DRLs on all U.S. vehicles. The GM petition was denied by NHTSA in 2009, on grounds of severe methodological and analytical flaws in the studies and data provided by GM as evidence for a safety benefit to DRLs.

Several states on the Eastern seaboard, the Southeast, and Gulf Coast (except Texas) have enforced vehicular laws since the early 1990s that require headlights to be switched on when windshield wipers are in use. This prompted the phasing in of DRLs in the affected states (from Maine to Florida including Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama).

Source: en.wikipedia.org

How To Install Daytime Running Lights

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