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Best Car Sport Seats in 2019 – QP Ratings and Reviews

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When it comes to competing out on the track you need to give yourself the best opportunity to win, and this covers everything from having the best tyres and engine mapping to the most responsive gearbox and comfortable racing seats. Best car sport seats can give you the comfort and support you need to sit in the perfect driving position, supported by a racing harness with the freedom to operate the controls and security you need to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a crash.

OMP HA/771E/N HTE-R XL Racing Seat

Approx. price: $992.

Key Features:


The racing spirit has been part of the Percivale family since 1973 when, in a small town near Genoa, Italy, Roberto, Claudio and Piergiorgio began to manufacture roll cages and racing accessories for their own racecars in order to gain a competitive edge over fellow competitors. OMP flourished under Percivale ownership up to 2008 when the company sold to the Delprato family. Now in its 39th year, OMP looks to rise to the forefront of the racing accessories industry, and has added several new and different pieces to its widely popular racing line, including the OMP Sport line along with a new segment of lifestyle racing wear for impassioned enthusiasts looking for the very best gear on and off the track. Today OMP Racing is one of the world's leading manufacturers of racing safety equipment and tuning accessories with a catalog of over 3,000 different items. Operating from a technologically advanced 80,000 sqft facility in Italy, OMP products are renowned for its quality, the meticulous attention to details that is constantly challenged by setting higher standards. The close relationships OMP developed through the years with the most celebrated race teams and drivers in Formula1, IndyCar, Grand-AM, ALMS, WRC, WTCC just to mention a few, has been an essential part of OMP's research and development process which is considered to be the most advanced in the Industry. All OMP's products are engineered, developed and tested to achieve the highest level of safety, quality and design. OMP's severe quality control standards are UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 certified and rated by the most important International sanctioning bodies such as FIA, SFI & SNELL. During its 39 years of existence OMP had the honor to collaborate with superstar Michael Schumacher & Ayrton Senna, and with equally important drivers such as David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen, Damon Hill, Nigel Mansell, Gerard Berger, Keke Rosberg, Riccardo Patrese, Alessandro Nannini, Stephan Johansson.

NRG RSC-200-NRG Type-R Black Cloth Sport Seats

Approx. price: $829.

Key Features:

  • Genuine NRG Innovation Product
  • High Performance JDM Racing Style. Covered With High Quality & Durable Fabric
  • Strong, Durable Steel Frame Covered with Comfortable Injection-Molded Foam and Woven Upholstery. Support for Shoulder and Lower Back
  • Comes with universal seat sliders
  • Overall Dimension (Inch): 20 (L) X 20 (W) X 34.5 (H)

Every tuned car focuses on performance or suspension, but if you are going to race, what good are those mods if you have no control over them? You will be constantly sliding on your factory seats at the corners, or leaning in the opposite direction of the way you're turning. It is time to get a pair of racing seats. With higher leg and upper body supports you'll be comfortably seated in the perfect position at all times and in all situations with reduces of the risk from misjudging distance and losing control.

These racing seats are easy to install and offer the reliability of stock seats. These seats are also made for using with 4, 5, or 6 point racing seat belt harnesses. Brackets are required to install aftermarket seats.

Racing seats are universal for all vehicles; however, each seat will need to latch to a seat bracket, which is car specific. Make sure there is a bracket available for your vehicle before purchasing. Otherwise you can buy a universal bracket and custom fit it to your car.

Heavens Tvcz B07RKDK6GJ Bucket Racing Sport Reclinable Seats

Approx. price: $0.

Key Features:

  • 1. New and in a good condition 2. Crafted from superb material, with great strength and quality
  • 3. Professional installation is highly recommended
  • 4. Good as a replacement for the old or damaged one 5. Quick release handle
  • 6. Fit for most domestic and import car
  • 7. Reclinable with sliders design, easy to operate

Do you want to change the broken or uncomfortable sports bucket racing seats? Then why not take the Reclinable Sports Bucket Racing Seats as a consideration? Each product here has been strictly tested before shipment to ensure the great quality. Made of top-quality material and with the fine workmanship, it can be used for a long time and has a delicate appearance. Fully reclinable with sliders design, this is able to meet your different needs.

Please note that these seats do not come with mounting brackets for your specific vehicle, but it can be installed by means of using your hardware from your original seats or you can use brackets from Sparco or Recaro. Recommended for 4-6 Point Seat Belt Harnesses Strong and Durable Steel Frame Covered with Comfortable sponge.

BRAUM BRR1X-BKUS ELITE-X Series Ultra Grip Fabric Racing Seats

Approx. price: $0.

Key Features:

  • CarVam Present to you BRAUM Racing Seats, High Durability and Scratch Resistant Materials
  • Strong, lightweight steel tubular frame, Handle-type reclining mechanism.
  • Injection molded foam, Fits up to 38” waist. Bottom mount style (will need vehicle-specific seat brackets)
  • Comes with two seats and dual lock sliders for front-back adjustment
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Strong, lightweight powder coated tubular steel frame. High durability ultra grip fabric front side of seats. High durability and scratch resistant carbon fiber leatherette of back side of seats. Stitching of seats with high tensile strength black thread. Injection molded foam. Handle-type reclining mechanism. Faux carbon fiber fabric backing. Bottom mount style - will need vehicle-specific seat brackets. Comes with two seats and dual lock sliders for front-back adjustment 25 lbs. Fits up to 38" waist. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Aftermarket racing seats may be incompatible with modern SRS airbag systems. Though there are ways to bypass the airbag system, Braum will not be held liable for any complications that may arise from this. Please be aware of this fact before purchase and installation.

R&L Racing RL-RS16-001 JDM Universal Racing Seats

Approx. price: $0.

Key Features:

  • Fully reclining for maximum comfort and convenience. Typically half the weight of a stock seat
  • Higher bolsters and deeper upper body support. Engineered to work properly with 4- or 5-point racing harness
  • Keeps your body in the optimum position to make inputs to the car. Reduces driver workload
  • High Quality Materials for best fit and most comfort
  • Sold as 1 seat. Mounting bracket not included

Driving competitively requires a racing seat that lets you stay put. Hard cornering and braking constantly try to make you slide left and right, or forward out of the seat. If you're investing energy into staying put, that's mental and physical resources you can't devote to the most important thing: winning. That's true during street driving, at least the way we sometimes drive on the street. A stock seat simply doesn't have enough lateral support to keep your butt planted or your shoulders in one place so you can make precise inputs to the steering, accelerator or brakes. R&L racing seats are optimized for "spirited" driving, and are engineered to work properly with 4- or 5-point racing harnesses instead of seatbelts and airbags. Upholstered in high quality materials these seats also happen to look amazing.

Cipher CPA1007CFBK Auto Black Carbon Fiber PVC Racing Seats

Approx. price: $0.

Key Features:

  • Designed with the best comfort and styling in mind
  • Offers superior comfort, holding power and style compared to oem seats.
  • Durable Strong Ultra Lightweight Tubular Steel Frame.
  • Universal - Fits most Vehicles.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for all racing seats, and 1 Year Warranty for suspension seats

Cipher Auto Racing Seats are the best bolt-on racing seat solution and they can be used used as truck seats as well. Do you ever feel yourself sliding out of your seat during turns? Or leaning in the opposite direction of the way youre turning? It may be time to get a pair of racing seats. With higher leg and upper body supports youll be comfortably seated in the perfect position at all times in all situations reducing the risk of misjudging distance and losing control. Race seats are easily installed with the correct seat brackets (not included) and still offer the reliability of stock seats. Also made for use with 4 & 5 point racing seat belt harnesses.

ProCar Scat 80-1790-62 Velour Pro Sport Fixed Back Common Seats

Approx. price: $0.

Key Features:

  • Sensible styling
  • Affordable alternative
  • High quality
  • High comfort

Sensible styling is the hallmark of a Procar seat. The clean, classic lines will complement the interior of any automobile, street rod, Cruiser, Pony car, Muscle car, off-road Buggy, truck or Sport compact. Procar seats always look like they were meant for your car upgrade the quality and comfort of your vehicle when you go with a Procar seat installation. The all-steel, tig-welded frame is electrostatically coated for strength and durability. Premium grade fabrics and stitching will stand up to years of wear and tear. Ergonomically shaped cushions, made with high-density, injection-molded foam, ensure comfort with the proper support.

Sparco Fighter 00954NR Black Seats

Approx. price: $743.

Key Features:

  • Fiberglass shell
  • Bottom mount capability
  • Compatible with 3 or 4 point harness
  • Fixed back seat

Sparco Fighter Black Seat is designed to give the extreme support of one of our competition seats with ease of installation found in our street performance seats. The Fighter incorporates perforated abrasion resistant inserts to protect against excessive wear and also features a high-tension spring-and-wire system to secure the cover to the shell. This system will allow you to easily remove and clean the seat cover, restoring it show quality condition. Also included are a pair of the Sparco dual-density lumbar pads that enable you to customize the seat to fit your specific body type.

Buddy Club BC08-RSSS-B1 Black Racing Seats

Approx. price: $0.

Key Features:

  • Comes with adapter plate to mount to Buddy Club seat rails
  • Center horizontal cooling stripes
  • Over 90 degree adjustable
  • Special design triangle adjustment knob
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty

The brand new Buddy Club Racing Spec Sport Seat is the newest development from Buddy Club. This seat was developed by Buddy Club Racing team, based off the original concept design of the P1-limited and Racing Spec bucket seats. This seat can be used for different driving conditions and is the perfect design and technology to secure the driver and still feel comfortable. The adjustable function can provide the best positions for the user and will also protect the driver. The horizontal stripes design in the center not only provides the driver comfort, but it also helps dissipate heat and allows the seat to cool down quickly.

Rugged Ridge 13447.09 Sport Reclinable Seats

Approx. price: $363.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install and fits 84-01 Jeep Cherokee (XJ)
  • Factory front slider feature
  • Infinite Reclining mechanism
  • Special seat belt harness cutout
  • Woven fabric and vinyl
  • Install Time 2+ Hours

This replacement seat is constructed of durable automotive grade vinyl that is designed to match your vehicles interior. The style matches the original Jeep look with an integrated headrest, horizontal stitching, and fixed-back. Each seat features soft side bolsters to cradle the driver and an adjustable recline to ensure proper driving position for the ultimate comfort. This seat comes with the XHD bracket system to ensure ease of installation and a great original equipment look. A bolt-in, no adapters necessary seat.

Racing cars often have removable steering wheels to accommodate vehicle ingress and egress with high side bolster racing seats, but that’s not possible with an air bag equipped street car. The minimal cushioning on a racing seat may be comfortable for the duration of a race, but not for an extended trip, and the fixed back may put you in the perfect position for performance driving, but become uncomfortable after a few hours. And racing seats are often made of expensive materials like carbon fiber to shave every ounce of weight while retaining strength, a benefit that’s generally not realized on a road going vehicle.

If the cornering abilities of your car exceed the support capabilities of your driver’s seat, and you find yourself having to brace your body, grab hold of the armrest, or reposition yourself with every maneuver, then clearly a seat upgrade is in order. When driving at speed, you need to be properly positioned behind the wheel, with the controls readily at hand and your instruments in clear view, but this isn’t possible if you’re sliding around in your seat.

But a full-on racing seat may be more than you need, and the cost for such a seat could be more than you want to spend. Racing seats are typically designed for specific types of competition. They’re the ultimate for safety and keeping you properly positioned behind the wheel, but some features that enable this could be detrimental for a street driven car or truck, and much of the intrinsic engineering is a needless expense for a car that never sees the track.

Reviewed sport seats provide the optimal combination of the support you need for aggressive driving along with the utility necessary for a car or truck that’s driven every day. Look over our huge selection and you’re sure to find the mix of features that best meet your needs. Reviewed seats feature high density foam cushions for comfort, some have adjustable lumbar support, and they’re ergonomically designed for both performance driving and long distance cruising.

But you get much more than functionality with our sport & tuner seats. While race cars have a singular purpose, we know that your street car has to look just as good as it performs, which is why we offer such a wide range of styles, colors and materials. Choose from a variety of configurations and patterns in vinyl, cloth, suede, leather, leatherette, and more.

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