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Best Saab 9-3 Accessories and Parts

With so many sedans and even SUVs pulling the “luxury” card, the industry has been waiting for a more youthful model to step up and take command for the next generation. Many think they’ve found it with the Saab 9-3. Although it debuted almost ten years ago, it is still young enough and ever improving with the help of stylish accessories, just gearing up to establish itself further. Regardless of body-style, the 9-3 impresses with its distinctive exterior parts and groovy contoured appearance. An energetic level of performance and smooth handling simply underline what the 9-3 is capable of. Overall, it is a fashionable and refreshing take on the new school in luxury automobiles. knows it takes premium quality to make it happen, which is why our entire selection of best Saab 9-3 Accessories and Parts is of the highest standard. The most reputable manufacturers in the industry are right here with the styles you want at the lowest prices on the web. The Saab 9-3 accessories and parts we offer are all guaranteed to present a precise OEM fitment along with durability that goes the distance. Fashion. Protection. Comfort. When it’s time for you to find Saab 9-3 accessories, don’t depend on anyone else.

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The Saab 9-3 is a mass-production model of Saab. The first vehicle, based of the Opel Vectra platform, came off in 1998. The Saab 9-3 had a spacious boot and a roomy cabin. The car had a lot of appliances installed for the best comfort of a driver and passengers. The Saab included driver’s and passenger’s front and side airbags, which were standard on all 9-3s. Along with the front bags there were rear head curtain bags and the OnStar support system, as well as the Traction Control and Stability Control systems.

The first generation Saabs 9-3 were produced in 1998-2002. These vehicles were considered to be true Saabs before GM company took over Saab in 2000. First Saabs were offered with a range of engines from 2.0L to 2.3L equipped with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmissions. Euro NCAP tested first-generation Saabs and the car received 4 stars for its safety systems. The first-generation also included high-powered version Viggen equipped with 2.3L 221hp. The Viggen was created as a high-performance model to give luster to the Saab brandname.

Second-generation Saabs were presented at the North American International Auto Show in 2002. The second-generation came off with a range of engines from 1.9L to 2.8L equipped with both types of transmission. New generation Saabs got a facelift and received new design of the following Saab parts:door panels, brandnew clamshell bonnet and transparent taillights. At the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show there was presented Saab TurboX limited edition that was equipped with a 2.8L V6 producing power over 281hp. Euro NCAP tests carried over for Saab 9-3 resulted in 4 stars for the safety systems.


Saab 9-3 News

Charleston Man Killed In Ohio Crash

Charleston Man Killed In Ohio Crash

12.11.2018 - WOWK

Highway Patrol says Christopher Ferguson, 29, was heading north in his 2002 Saab 93 when the vehicle crossed the center line and ran off the left side of the highway hitting a road sign and tree. Investigators say Ferguson was wearing a seatbelt at the...

Second-Gen 9-5 Was A Good Car – But, Sadly, Saab Went Belly Up

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What looks even better is the rare 9-4X. I still think if Saab could have held on a bit longer they would have turned a corner as the crossover craze was about to go in full swing. A Saab / Subaru partnership should have happened. One focused on entry...

Volvo C70 mot Saab 9-3 i svensk cabrioletduell

Volvo C70 mot Saab 9-3 i svensk cabrioletduell

06.11.2018 - Expressen

Volvo och Saab satte stora förhoppningar till sina respektive cabrioletversioner av C70 och 9-3. Båda modellerna hade sina uppenbara förtjänster. Saaben sålde förhållandevis bra, men Volvon hade svårt att lyfta. Det gällde både den första och den andra...

Elbilen Nevs 9-3 går att förhandsboka – får räckvidd på 35 mil

Elbilen Nevs 9-3 går att förhandsboka – får räckvidd på 35 mil

01.11.2018 - auto motor & sport

Till det yttre är det inga stora skillnader mot gamla Saab 9-3, som vi kan se. Lite annorlunda front och grill, samt ett försiktigt modifierat akterparti. Produktionen av Nevs 9-3 startade officiellt 5 december 2017 och kapaciteten sägs vara 50.000...

Nu kan man boka den nya el-Saaben

01.11.2018 - Expressen

Det Trollhättanbaserade företaget Nevs, eller National Electric Vehicle Sweden, köpte loss tillgångarna från Saab efter konkursen 2012. I affären ingick de immateriella rättigheterna till modellen 9-3, den då nyutvecklade fordonsplattformen Phoenix och...