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If you drive a Smart car, you already know that you have the inside track on what it takes to seek something else besides the usual. The futuristic impressions and fresh sensibilities that have defined Smart’s presence in the new dawn of the automotive culture is also what sets it apart. Original, groundbreaking, and conscientious, Smart models often mirror the personalities of the people who drive them. embraces that very ideal and is here to help you take on the world with the right Smart Accessories and Parts from every major manufacturer in the game. You need the best quality and value when choosing the Smart accessories that throw even more definition into your ride. With, you not only get both but with unsurpassed service as well. Adding the accessories and replacements that inject more of yourself into your model can be a tedious and worrisome process. We take the “worry factor” out of the equation by reviewing only the top name-brand companies and unparalleled service. The best Smart accessories and parts you want to put you over the top are right here.

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Smart was founded in 1993 when Swatch, the famous Swiss watchmaker partnered up with Daimler-Benz to form Micro Compact Car AG, which was located in Biel, Switzerland before moving to Germany. If Smart cars and Smart parts are known for one thing, it’s their diminutive size and fuel-efficiency, which is precisely why they were designed. The first model, the Smart City-Coupe, set the standard as a two-seater that not only provided palatable gas mileage but also plenty of opportunities to park in spots seen as too small for normal-sized passengers cars. Surprising to many, Smart cars and Smart parts were lauded for their safety thanks to the design, which involves an innovative structure referred to as the tridion Safety Cell. The tridion Safety Cell is comprised of layers of steel that absorb the impact of a crash away from the driver and passengers inside the car.

Not long after the City-Coupe was generating a substantial amount of buzz around the industry, Daimler-Benz bought out the remainder of the company from Swatch. In 1998, the City-Coupe made his way into showrooms throughout Europe and was labeled a success right away, as car buyers quickly became fond of the car’s size as well as its parts’ size, fuel-economy, and price tag. 2003 welcomed in the Roadster and Roadster-Coupe. The Roadster-Coupe showed off a heftier kick in performance but both new models were disappointing in sales. Focus was re-shifted to the City-Coupe, which saw a slight redesign and took on the ForTwo moniker come 2006.

The Smart ForTwo holds all the main characteristics of the original City-Coupe in which it is derived from with several improvements, including changes to the interior along with upgraded safety features. There is also a Brabus version of the car with a sport suspension, power steering, and an exhaust displaying two center tips. Smart’s foray into the US market has been met with both critical acclaim and curiosity, as it came along during a time when a jump in fuel prices was beginning to usher out large gas-guzzling favorites such as SUVs. Even with a stable price at the pump, Smart cars and Smart parts are instantly recognized for their futuristic, groovy style and friendly asking price.


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