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Best Brake Parts

This section of the site contains ratings of brake parts. Our reviews include: front brakes, rear brakes, brake hoses, master brake cylinder, vacuum brake booster, brake distributors. The car’s brake system provides control over the speed reduction during movement, and also fixes the car in a stationary state during stops. The most important element of the brake system is the main brake cylinder, which creates brake fluid pressure when the pedal is pressed. From it, the liquid moves to the wheel cylinders, which act directly on the brake pads. They, in turn, squeeze the brake discs (drums), resulting in friction that stops their rotation. The braking process is realized by friction between the brake pads and the rotating brake disc. The parking system is regulated by the handbrake lever. To avoid an accident caused by the brake system, it is important to carry out timely inspection and maintenance, use only high-quality brake fluid, and carefully select the components of the brake system when replacing them.