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Best Car Electrical Parts

n this part of the site you can find ratings of car electrical parts: engine electrical equipment, car lighting system, additional elements and ignition wires. The manufacturer of all electricity in a modern car is an alternator driven by an engine that charges the battery.

There are several groups of car systems that are consumers of electricity. For example, the lighting system is highlighted. It includes external components: low-beam and high-beam headlights, fog lights, turn indicators, running lights, license plate lights, and stop lights.

Interior components consist of interior light, dashboard lighting, trunk, etc. Another group that consumes electricity is the engine electrical system: ignition system (ignition coil, distributor, switches, ie devices involved in the ignition of the fuel-air mixture of the engine); starter spins the crankshaft to start the engine; car audio equipment and electronics; alarm and audible alarm; instrument panel; windshield wipers; power Windows; cigar lighter. Also, electricity can be consumed by certain car systems that depend on the model and configuration, such as the safety system (airbag), anti-lock system of wheels, automatic transmission with electronic control, etc.

On our website, you can find reviews of the components of the car’s electrical system: generators and starters, components of electrical equipment, as well as most elements of systems that use electricity.